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hacks for a successful organic veggie container garden

Happy Monday! I have three things to mention before I jump into these container gardening suggestions.  

1. This is our first year gardening at our new-ish home I'm not confident about the soil. Aside from my questions about the ph and health of the ground, my neighbors use lawn and weed treatments so I am not planting directly into the earth. I know you can buy tests but I'd rather just skip it, save the money and get planting. 

2. My mission is to grow completely organic produce! This intention informs all my decisions and my recommendations in this post. It adds a little to the start-up costs (organic seeds and soil) but to me, it's worth it.

3. The following suggestions are also affiliate links. So, if you purchase any of these items you are supporting me at no extra cost to you! (Such a karmic bonus! Thank you in advance.)

So here they are...

My Tips for Growing Organic Veggies in Containers and Raised Beds

1. Raised beds on the cheap! You can make your own but I just didn't have the time. I am using a combination of these Viagrow raised beds (approx $20 each) and fabric pots WITH HANDLES (six for $12). How many do you need? I have three beds and 7+ pots in action. In those containers I have: three zucchini, two tomatoes, three string beans, three snap peas, four dino kale, mixed salad greens and some companion herbs. I filled each with organic raised bed all purpose mix from Home Depot. You can start a kick ass organic garden for about $100.


2. Blender Compost. I don't compost year round. I start in the Spring and collect all my veggie scraps in a kitchen compost bin. What works GREAT is blending your organic scraps with water with your bullet blender. Dig a small trench and pour the mix in. This step works BEST if you also follow suggestion #3 below.

3. WORMS! Seriously, this is your key to success. Compost works the best when it's digested and worked into the soil by some earth worms. My raised beds are are totally enclosed on the bottom so worms from the ground can't wriggle their way into my gardens. This might sound ridiculous, but you can buy composting worms on Amazon Prime. Sprinkle them in your containers and keep them busy with your compost. Your plants will love you and reward you with delish veggies all summer long. 

Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

In peace, 


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