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Live Sale 1/25 - lauryannraik

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Item M $25 - The Mysticism Crystal Bundle

  • Labradorite Semi-Polish - A Third Eye stone, Labradorite enhances intuitions and the psychic abilities. Legend has it that the flashy colors of Labradorite are trapped lights of the Aurora Borealis. 
  • Clear Portal Quartz - AKA Time Link Quartz Clear Quartz is the Master Healer, facilitating a free and smooth flow of energy in the body. This promotes the healing and integration of mind, body and spirit. Portal or Time Link Clear Quartz Crystals have an extra facet on the face of the crystal. Clear Quartz crystals usually just have six side leading up to the terminated point. Time Link Quartz has a 7th facet in the shape of a parallelogram. The parallelogram is angled either to the right or the left. Left facing facets assist you to access either past lives or earlier parts of this life to heal and re-balance emotional and mental issues. A time link face angled toward the right helps you access future potential realities.
  • Large Amethyst Seer Stone - aids in perception, intuition, spiritual development and meditation. This stone can take you deep into your own inner self. Seer Stones are often used in spells, Ceremony or rituals to awaken and harness intuitive knowledge.