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Live Sale 1/25 - michelle_fogarty

Live Sale 1/25 - michelle_fogarty

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Item D $24 - Lepidolite: 

A lustery mix of lilac purple, roses pinks and greys Lepidolite is a beautiful crystal. 

One of the best mood stabilizers in the world of gemstones, the Lepidolite crystal contains a high amount of lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medication. It doesn't require a prescription and side effects include a sense of calm and tranquility during times of stress and chaos. Call on Lepidolite to balance the mind and spirit, especially when you need to cool off fiery emotions.

The Lepidolite crystal meaning comes from the Greek word for scale because of its association with restoring balance and harmony.

Item P $20 - Apophyllite:

This stone stimulates the pineal gland and helps  open you up to spiritual awakening by infusing your light-body with high vibration energy. This may give you relief from stress, tension and anxiety. These crystals have an excellent ability to transmit their energy and bring an uplifting energy to the space. 

Item C $25 - Abundance Bundle

  • Natural Citrine Point - “The Merchant Stone” brings abundance and wealth to its keeper. 
  • Pyrite Cluster - Weighty and grounding, pyrite protects all that we hold dear while attracting even more abundance to our field. 
  • Chrysoprase - Among it’s several metaphysical properties for healing, this stone to attracts new love, abundance and prosperity. It promotes joy and happiness and brings through the vibration of Divine Truth, while helping to heal the heart of the energy of depression and anxiety.